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Body Wise Mt. Shasta

Hello! My name is Sary. It's an honor to share my gifts with you. The key to reaching our full potential starts with the cultivation of deep inner peace and the ability to operate in the world from a place of holistic connection of our minds, bodies and spirits, from a place of center. When we are centered and connected to ourselves, other living beings and our environment, we can better identify goals, heal from past traumas. develop relationship with wisdom of our body, form and nurture life giving connection and develop practices that keep us in alignment with what we care about.

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Somatic Body Work

I employ Integrative Deep Tissue Massage, Fascial Release, Reiki, and breath work to aid in healthy release of tension and trauma, improve mind-body communication, open pathways for balance, restoration and increased life force energy.

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Somatic Based Life Coaching

I combine learned skills of Aikido, the Art of Peace, Ecotherapy and deep, heartfelt compassionate listening with skillful development of practices specific to the individual for increased capacity, vitality and connection.

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“If I could describe the way my body felt after receiving body work from Sary, my whole body felt relaxed but I could feel my blood circulation working better, like my limbs were waking up after being asleep.  Amazing! Highly recommended!”


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“Hallelujah for Sary Dobhran and her 90 day Transformational Coaching Course. When I signed up, my intention was to discover creative life-rhythms and be held accountable for any limiting behavior patterns.
I graduated with so much more.  Sary taught me how to:
•Fully understand my circadian rhythm
•Uncover my resistance to organization of the administrative part of my job
•Grow a commitment to mastering what is right in front of me, rather than procrastinate
•Develop key encouragement phrases when I am confused about the purpose of the moment.
•Embrace these ‘Wisdom Years’ by releasing over-responsibility to others and strengthening a courage to say yes to myself.
•Live more in magic and trust. “

Leigh Cohn

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306 McCloud Avenue
Mount Shasta, California 96067

(530) 859-5173

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